Wildlife 22

Our mission at Afri-Campus is to offer specialised excursions to Africa for educational institutions or the individual traveller. Our courses will add something unique to your CV, enhance those ever-important “life skills”, supplement the subjects you have already been taught and make you stand out from the crowd.

We aim to make your adventure as stress-free as possible. The Afri-Campus team has “been there, done that” and we have a cupboard full of t-shirts to prove it. We have been in your shoes, felt your anxieties about travelling and asked the questions that you undoubtedly have. Now, after years of working in the industry, we have the answers and are here to help!

We offer incredible courses that cover all manner of interests and subjects. Our courses run for different time frames, from a week long course to as long as 50 weeks. We want to offer flexibility to your travels, so if you want to add something or combine two courses, just ask! We will do our best to tailor an experience that ticks all your boxes.

Meet our team and get in contact with us right away.